Membership Card

Village Bakers is a free to attend LGBT Social Group, and its really easy to become a member of the group. All you have to do is attend 3 Village Bakers monthly socials, complete a registration form and you will become a full member of the group. This process is handled by our membership officer who will issue new membership cards when required.

Once you are full member of the group, you will be able to stand for election to the organising committee, hold the committee to account at the Village Bakers AGM and you will also get discounts at selected businesses, however most importantly you will belong to the Village Bakers family.

Membership Discounts

The Molly House

Address: 23 Richmound Street, Manchester, M1 3NB

What you’ll find at the Molly House is:- a dazzling choice of ales, wines, spirits and cocktails;- a delicious selection of tasty Spanish tapas, brunch and lunch options prepared by our chefs;- and an array of speciality world teas and coffees to enjoy whilst reading from our range of national and international newspapers, books and magazines. All this is spread across our tea room, upstairs bordello and outside onto our wonderful veranda.

Discount / Offer:

10% off all food and drink, plus a 10% donation to Village Bakers from The Molly House.

Only with a valid Village Bakers Membership Card.

Village Bakers Membership Card Terms & Conditions:
1) Village Bakers membership card remains the property of Village Bakers LGBT Social Group, and can be removed at anytime without notification.
2) The Village Bakers membership card has no monetary value and gives the named Village Baker discounts as detailed at
3) Misuse of the card may result in the suspension of the card and associated membership of Village Bakers.
4) Village Bakers reserves the right to change or update T&C’s without prior notification.
5) Membership offers are provided by selected venues and are able to be removed, changed or updated at the venue’s discretion without notification.