Recipe Ideas

At Village Bakers we like to share lots of top tips and recipes with each other, here you will find a few of our favourite recipes along with a few video clips to help you give the recipes a try.

Christmas Mincemeat Brownie Tart

This chocolate brownie tart is one of our favourite recipes, it has all chocolate yumminess you need at Christmas with the Christmas festive flavour of mince pies. If you don’t like mincemeat just leave it out of the recipe or swap for something like salted caramel or chocolate orange chunks. This recipe really will be…

Goats Cheese, Leek and Herb Tart

This tart is the perfect dish for summer nights, sat on the patio with a tossed fresh salad, baby new potatoes smothered in real butter, and a chilled Pinot Grigio – thinking ahead, this is also a fantastic dish to have on a chilly winter night, wrapped up by the fire, gently warmed up with…

Carrot Cake Muffins

As part of the Alternative Manchester Pride Festival 2020 the Village Bakers  got the chance to share our baking skills with the nation. We decided to make some fantastic carrot cake muffins, this recipe makes quite a lot of muffins but can also be made into a large cake format. Credit: Video Production Manchester Pride

Spring Vegetable Tart

As part of the Alternative Manchester Pride Festival 2020 the Village Bakers  got the chance to share our baking skills with the nation. We decided to make this fantastic Spring Vegetable Tart, which is great for a light summer lunch and can be garnished with pea shoots, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan shavings. Credit:…

Summer Fruit Pavlova

As part of the Alternative Manchester Pride Festival 2020 the Village Bakers got the chance to share our baking skills with the nation. We decided to make this fantastic Summer Fruit Pavlova which is a really show stopper. You can easily mix up the fruits with whatever you have available. I personally think this recipe…

Rosemary Focaccia

This Italian bread is great for those starting out in bread making. Its easy to make and tastes fantastic. You can also try different topping like olives or sun dried tomatoes.

Marmalade Cake

A fantastic cake thats easy to bake, with a moist texture and a really great marmalade flavour.

Flapjack Bars

A classic easy bake, that anyone can make. Unlike other flapjack bars these are proper chewy and crisp all at the same time. You can add extras like chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit to these bars and they work great.

Carrot Cake

This is a favourite recipe of mine, and for me it’s the best carrot cake ever. The cake is moist and light with a good balance of orange, cinnamon and raisins. The recipe is baked from the Primrose Bakery Cookbook and I would recommend anyone buying it, the recipes are simple and tasty. Anyway give…

Irish Soda Bread

This is one of my families recipes that has been handed down. I love this soda bread and eating this takes me back to be kid at my aunts house. It’s also so easy to make and is great toasted with loads of butter. Hope you enjoy.

Banana & Chocolate Loaf

This is one of my favourite recipes to make, I find this recipe is so easy and quick to make, and always comes out great. Its great for using up left over bananas and also left over chocolate if you happen to have it.    

Peanut Butter Brownies

This is such a rich and indulgent recipe, you will only manage the one square of brownie. The flavours of salty peanut butter with the sweet chocolate brownie is amazing. Just remember don’t overcook this one and make sure the centre is nice and goooey.    

Apple & Cinnamon Cake

Apple & Cinnamon Cake

This cake is super easy to make, and the apple layer adds are lovely moist layer to the cake. I love the crunchy topping from the sugar on the top of the cake. When I baked this recipe I found it actually got better when left for a couple of days. Recipe By: Mary Berry…

Lemon Tart

This is a really lovely classic lemon tart recipe, it is great for dinner party or summer BBQ. The important thing with this recipe is to not overcook the filling, slowly low temperature cooking. My other tip is to make sure you cool the filling slowly to avoid cracking the filling, I turn the oven…

Chocolate & Cherry Tart

This is rich chocolate tart is great for a dinner party dessert, rich chocolate paired with sharp cherry works really well. The recipe is really easy to follow and looks fantastic when served.

Cheese and Onion Quiche

This Cheese and Onion Quiche is a great easy way to start handling pastry for the first time. The flavour of this quiche is great, and my top tip would be to make sure you get a really nice strong mature cheddar to ensure you get maximum flavour. Once you have mastered this recipe, just…

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

This recipe is perhaps one of the best brownie recipes I’ve found, the brownies are really moist and gooey. We’ve added raspberries into these brownies, but you can add anything you fancy really, try walnuts, salted caramel or even Cadbury’s cream eggs.  

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

This cake is super easy to make, and is a real classic recipe. I love this recipe because of the crunchy sugar drizzle on the top of the cake, the drizzle also makes it really moist. If you can make a good lemon drizzle cake you will always please your friends.   Recipe By: Primrose…

Easy Christmas Cake

As the winter nights draw in, we start thinking of Christmas. And if your thinking of making your own Christmas cake we have an easy but delicious recipe for you. It doesn’t need feeding (never understood why its called feeding when all you’re doing is plying it with booze), but it doesn’t hurt if you…

Yorkshire Parkin


As its Bonfire night soon, we thought we’d share our favourite parkin recipe. Parkin is a traditional Yorkshire ginger cake but its also associated with North Lancashire and its usually eaten on or around bonfire night. You can make it round, you can make it square or it can be a tray bake, depends on…