Meet the Committee

The Village Bakers Committee work behind the scenes in the name of truth, love and pastry. If you have any questions for the committee please email:

Kevin Sargent – Chairman


Favourite Bake: Lemon Drizzle Cake

Back in November 2012, Kevin decided to set up Village Bakers with the simple aim to share homemade cakes with friends and meet new friends. This is still the ultimate aim of Village Bakers and he is extremely proud to see how the group has grown in popularity over the years and see so many friendships form over the years, Village Bakers have even seen the odd marriage and proposals at Village Bakers.

Previous Roles: Chairman 2012 – 2016 / 2019 – Present

Tom Wright – Vice-Chair

Speciality Bake: Anything Savoury


Tom really enjoys cooking and has only recently started baking so is more comfortable with savoury and experimenting with flavours than with traditional cakes and decorating, however Village Bakers is giving him the opportunity to experiment and learn new bakes.

This is his third year on the committee and he is really looking forward to being able to promote the group to as many people as possible.

Tom’s husband Toby dragged him along to his first Village Bakers Sunday social back in the summer of 2016 and he has never looked back since.

Previous Roles: 2017 Events, 2018 Membership, 2019 Media, 2020 Vice Chairperson

Laura White – Membership & Member Engagement


Favourite Bake: Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle cake, was Laura’s first bake that she brought to a Village Bakers social back in 2014, and she hasn’t looked back since. She regularly bakes for her friends and colleagues at work and is renowned for baking for peoples birthdays.

Laura explained why she enjoys Village Bakers so much

I love coming to the Village Bakers Socials as I enjoy seeing my friends and making new ones. I like trying different bakes and am often surprised by what people can make. I hope others enjoy being part of the group as much as I do.”

Laura is currently on the Village Bakers committee, looking after Membership and is keen to ensure people feel as welcome as possible at the group. Laura is the first person most people meet at Village Bakers and she is always smiling and holding her trusty clipboard!

Previous Roles: Secretary 2017 – 2019,  Membership 2019 – Present

Anthony Jones – Treasurer

Favourite Bake: Lasagne34747355_504462503289947_5197799671073865728_n

Anthony joined Village Bakers back in 2018, because he wanted to attend a fun, relaxed social group to be able to chat and socialise with friends and also meet new friends, the cake was simply a bonus.

Anthony was pleased to volunteer for the role of Treasurer in 2019 and has worked hard to help support the group in various pride events throughout 2019 and has been responsible for ensuring funding is available to support the group.

Previous Roles: Treasurer 2019 – present

Liz Gibson – Media & PR


Favourite Bake: Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins

Liz has been attending Village Bakers since 2018 and has shown her real passion and love for baking, by always baking fantastic bakes, Liz loves discovering new delicious bakes, sweet and savoury, and being inspired to try new recipes and techniques. All her bakes combine great flavours that keep people coming back for more.

When asked about why Liz loves Village Bakers she explained:

I love the sense of family, checking in with the same group every month as well as meeting new people and making friends. There is always a lovely ambience and it is a steady, diverse and really friendly community.”

Previous Roles: Member of Village Bakers since 2018

Gavin Deadline – Secretary

Favourite Bake: Whisky Cake


Gavin has been attending Village Bakers since 2014 and was introduced to the group by his partner Stuart. He has always enjoyed the variety of baking and seeing strong friendships formed during the monthly socials.

When asked about the group Gavin added

“I find the group to be one of the most warm and welcoming in the Village. There is no pressure to be a brilliant baker – things so often go wrong and that’s all part of the fun. Baking is something anyone can do, making the group really inclusive.”

Gavin wanted to join the Village Bakers committee because he was able to see the work others had contributed to the running of the group and wanted to contribute. He is looking forward to helping shape the future of the group.

Previous Roles: Member of Village Bakers since 2014

VACANT – Events & Engagement
Do you fancy getting more involved with the Village Bakers? Does the thought of fresh cream horns make you quiver? We’re currently looking for our Events & Engagement Manager, where you’ll plan and organise events for our Village Bakers members. Does this sound up your alley? Let us know at

VACANT – Funding & Fundraising

Do you fancy getting more involved with the Village Bakers? Does the thought of fresh cream horns make you quiver? We’re currently looking for our Funding & Fundraising Manager, where you’ll find new ways of getting individuals, groups and business to contribute to Village Bakers by building relationships and exploring funding applications & fundraising opportunities. Does this sound up your alley? Let us know at