Sunday Socials

At our monthly socials, our bakers bake at home, bring their bakes along and share with the group, there is no judging of the bakes all contributions are appreciated. If you don’t fancy baking than you welcome to just come along and sample the homemade bakes.

After attending three of our monthly socials, you will be able to become a member of the social group, allowing you to qualify for our membership card and a say in how our group is run.

Our monthly Sunday Socials are always on the 2nd Sunday of every month upstairs at the Molly House from 1pm through to about 4pm. The dates for the next 12 months are below

08th August 2021 12th December 2021 10th April 2022
12th September 2021 09th January 2022 8th May 2022
10th October 2021 13th February 2022 12th June 2022
14th November 2021 13th March 2022 10th July 2022

You can find all the details about our Sunday Socials on our Facebook Page, where are events are posted.

There is always a selection of sweet and savoury bakes and whatever you decide to bring, we invite all our members to Bake it at home, Bring it along to the Molly House and Share it with everyone who turns up.

It’s that simple.

Note: All cakes & bakes are homemade by our Village Baker Members in a domestic kitchen environment. As a result we can not ensure any bakes are free from any Allergens and we have no control over the food safety of these bakes.