Committee Minutes & AGM Reports

The Village Bakers committee meet once a month to discuss and make decisions on behalf of the Village Bakers membership, ensuring that the Village Bakers constitution is upheld at all times.

As part of our constitutional commitment we hold a Village Bakers AGM at our February Social meeting, this is an opportunity for the committee to present the achievements of the group for that year and election a new committee to carry out work on behalf of its members.

Below are copies of the Village Bakers committee minutes & AGM Reports, if anyone needs any further information they can contact Village Bakers on the below email.


Village Bakers Committee Minutes 2020

January 2020 Committee Minutes 1

Feb 2020 Committee Minutes

VB ANA – 5.3.20 Committee Meeting Minutes 5th March 2020

VB ANA – 23.4.20

Village Bakers Committee Minutes 2021

Village Bakers Committee Minutes 2022

Village Bakers Committee Minutes 2023

Village Bakers AGM Reports


Village Bakers 2020 Strategy

Village bakers 2020 strategy