Meet the Bakers – Sakander

In the days when we could meet at the Molly House, Sakander (above right), and his partner James “Roger”, regularly wowed us with intricate and delicious bakes. Since the pandemic struck, Sakander, a doctor, has been working on the frontline. It was great to learn more about him and James, and we hope to be able to sample their bakes again soon.

VB: How long have you been part of Village Bakers, and what inspired you to join?

Sakander: I have been part of the Village Bakers for six years, and attended my first meeting in 2015 after being introduced to the group by my new partner. I am from Manchester but hadn’t heard about the group, and once he informed me of the delicious baked goods on offer, I couldn’t wait to attend.

VB: What is your fondest Village Bakers memory?

Sakander: My fondest memories include when we come together as a group, such as walking in the Manchester Pride Parade. Whether we were dressed as dinner ladies or characters based on the greatest showman, it was all great fun and winning the Best Walking Entry award in 2017 was definitely a highlight.

VB: What do you enjoy most about baking?

Sakander: I enjoy tasting the end product, and looking forward to meeting the many new friends that I have made during the Bakers’ monthly meetings.

VB: What is your signature bake?

Sakander: I usually bake with my partner and I guess our signature bake would be gluten-free toffee and pecan pie.

VB: How have you found baking during lockdown?

Sakander: Working as a doctor on the frontline, plus helping with extra shifts when short-staffed, has meant that I’ve not had much spare time to bake during lockdown. Though I have heard it was a nightmare trying to find flour, and I have full sympathy with anyone who battled with the supermarkets aisles.

VB: What other hobbies and passions do you have?

Sakander: I enjoy socialising and spending time with my family and friends. I am also fortunate enough to own a few properties, and renovating them has turned into a new hobby.

VB: What advice would you give to new or nervous bakers?

Sakander: Try not to worry, the more you bake, the more your confidence will grow. Then, before you know it, you’ll be experimenting with flavours and baking for your friends, family and work colleagues, who will love you even more.

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