Meet the Bakers – Rebecca & Lea

Rebecca and Lea joined Village Bakers in 2012 and Village Bakers even honoured them with a baguette guard of honour at their wedding in 2014.


Who taught you to bake?

Rebecca: Mum. We always had things cooked from scratch.

Lea: My Nanna – she made the best cakes.

Savoury or Sweet?

Rebecca: Sweet

Lea: Savoury

Lea’s winning Bake Off cake

What’s your signature bake?

Rebecca: Pavlova

Lea: Baklava




What one thing would you love to be able to bake?

Rebecca: A hot water pastry pork pie

Lea: A light and fluffy scone

Top tip for any new bakers?

Rebecca: Follow Mary Berry’s recipes

Lea: Don’t panic and have fun!