Manchester Pride

The Village Bakers are totally devoted to cake, cream horns, Delia and of course Fanny Cradock and we like to make sure everyone knows it.

Taking part in the Manchester Pride Parade has become a fixed entry in the Village Bakers calendar and each year we want to make each year better than the last.

Its never too early to start planning for the next one so if you have any inspiration after seeing our entries from previous years then get in touch and let us know.

2013 – “Acceptable in the 80’s”

Whilst some of our bakers can barely remember the 80’s some of them were out partying hard for at least part of the decade that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the introduction to … We made sure everyone knew that baking was just as acceptable in the 80’s as it is now. Forget relaxing, Frankie Said BAKE!

2014 – “Love”

Love was in the air for the 2014 parade and the Village Bakers took to the skies to deliver their love for baking to the watching crowds so join VB Air for a one way trip to see their love for the crowds, for each other and for cake.

2015 – “Devotion”

We all have something that we are devoted to whether it be your hobbies, your pets or your family. The bakers are no different and we took this opportunity to show the world our devotion to cake, cream horns and the sisters of perpetual baking Delia, Fanny and Mary.

2016 – “Once Upon A Time”

Join the Bakers on their walk into the woods to find the gingerbread house that enticed Hansel and Gretel away from their families and enjoy out very own fairy tale.


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