Meet the Committee

The Village Bakers Committee work tirelessly behind the scenes in the name of truth, love and pastry.

James PhotoJames Maynard – Chair

Speciality: Savoury

I joined Village Bakers in November 2012 when it was originally started by our founder and previous Chair Kevin Sargent.  I was on the Committee from the start looking after Events.  In 2016, I took a brief break from the Committee before re-joining in 2017 as Chair.

Village Baker’s means a lot to me because of the great friends I have made through our shared love of Cake and baked goods, and I met partner at Village Baker’s too!!


Lea Madgwick – Vice-Chairlea

Speciality: Themed Cakes

Hi my name is Lea and I am currently the Vice Chair. I have been a member of the Village Bakers for 5 years. I have made some wonderful friends at the Bakers and as I am a long way from my family they have all become part of my family. I love to bake .. anything, sweet or savoury.. but I suppose my specialty is themed cakes. I love the wow feeling when I present my bakes and I enjoy sharing my bakes with friends and family x


Laura White – Secretary



Stuart Williams  – Treasurer


Will Morriss – Media & PR will

Speciality: Gingerbread men

I joined the Village Bakers in January 2015, I’d heard about the group through friends but never found the time to attend meetings for various reasons. In December 2014 I met my partner Kevin who encouraged me to attend the meetings and I’ve not looked back. I went on the assist the committee and then joined the committee in February 2016 to organise the events for the group.

timTim Lewis – Events & Community Engagement

Speciality: Brownies

I joined Village Bakers in February 2016, and have since joined the committee to look after our membership. I have always enjoyed baking and eating different foods so having a group for this is great. Because of The Village Bakers I’ve learnt more about how to bake things and sampling other people’s bakes is literally the icing on the cake!

Tom Wright – Membership & Member Engagement20180416_103310.jpg

Speciality: Anything Savoury

I really enjoy cooking and have only recently started baking so I’m more comfortable with savoury and experimenting with flavours than I am with traditional cakes and decorating. I suppose I just need more practice.
This is my second year on the committee. This year Tim and I have swapped roles so I’m now responsible for membership and representing the members.
It was Toby, my husband who dragged me along to my first Village Bakers Sunday social back in the summer of 2016 and I’ve never looked back since.


VACANT – Funding & Fundraising

Do you fancy getting more involved with the Village Bakers? Does the thought of fresh cream horns make you quiver? We’re currently looking for our Funding & Fundraising Manager, where you’ll find new ways of getting individuals, groups and business to contribute to Village Bakers by building relationships and exploring funding applications & fundraising opportunities. Does this sound up your alley? Let us know at

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